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Outsourcing of support and development of SAP applications can optimize your business from top to bottom. With NNIT as an outsourcing partner, you will see increased efficiency and a better end-user experience of your IT systems.

Digital transformation is stealing the show in a great number of companies; and not without reason. Using technologies like cloud, automation and robotics, you can optimize your company's resources – both people and machines – and provide a stronger product and better service. The result will be a more robust position in an already competitive market.

To do this, you need to be willing to invest in new technology here and now, while also being aware that the support and development of, for example, an ERP system requires just as big an investment in the long run.

– Many companies use SAP as an ERP platform to control areas such as production, sales and purchasing in the company – both as a backbone and also for new applications. Some companies choose to have in-house IT skills to handle all or part of support and development. However, such employees can be resource-intensive because they constantly need to keep up to date so they can work in the company's interests in an agile manner, explains Carsten Bonde Hansen, Director of SAP Application Outsourcing at NNIT. He adds that carrying out and supporting digital transformation in the company can quickly take its toll on internal resources in the company.

Comprehensive application analysis
For this reason, many companies – public as well as private – see the advantage in having external IT specialists to support the journey from analog to digital business. This is just what a global pharma company experienced when they contacted NNIT.

– We were contacted and asked if we could take over the support functions at the company's factories. Straight away, we put together a team of consultants from our global delivery center and placed them on site at the factory for a few weeks. Here, they held workshops with the customer, got to know the company systems, mapped SAP products, and discussed day-to-day operations in governance forums, says Carsten Bonde Hansen.

– We documented all processes and eventually took over operations. Today we are responsible for the entire SAP application landscape, which has now been adapted to suit this unique company and its industry. One of the most important success criteria for us is that companies do not notice that they have outsourced SAP applications to us, he adds.

A proactive advisor
Advice & Transform is an informal work mantra for NNIT's 350 or so SAP specialists. It underlines the fact that NNIT is not just an IT service provider, but also a committed advisor for the company throughout the digital transformation. This also means bringing up new topics with the customers.

– We talk a lot about automation and robotics, for example, which basically involves automating processes in the company with the help of robot technology. Imagine a task that employs 100 employees in a company. If a robot can take care of the tasks that are pure repetition or data entry tasks, 20 people can perhaps spend time doing something else instead. It all makes extremely good sense, and these are the kinds of processes that drive digital transformation, says Carsten Bonde Hansen.

SAP Application Outsourcing with NNIT

  • NNIT promotes digital transformation by providing support and development of SAP applications to suit your business and industry.
  • NNIT's SAP specialists work using agile development and classic delivery methods, where teams solve both support and development in sprints. This means greater flexibility for companies, who see a better ROI by outsourcing to NNIT.
  • NNIT is a SAP Service Provider with experience in both the standard ECC platform and cloud. NNIT is also experiencing great interest in SAP's new platform S/4 HANA.
  • SAP specialists at NNIT’s Global Delivery Center are ready to support companies worldwide.