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21st Century Training

Boost your training environment and gain a Right-First-Time culture with tailored training assignments and efficient learning techniques supported by the newest technology and managed in a modern learning management system, so you will achieve a state-of-the-art Learning Experience.

There is a constantly increasing demand for high performance in the life science industry. Whether getting  to market faster, or delivering cost-effective and high-quality products, it all ties back to the people in the organization.

Training aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to perform their job proficiently. Recognizing and implementing effective learning techniques is imperative for a successful learning experience. With a Mixed Reality training device, you will achieve a Multisensory Learning Experience which helps organizations to cultivate behaviors, knowledge, and skills.

Process and Role-based training with the newest technology

The NNIT 21st-century training technology combined with a process and role-based training framework, helps you achieve a best-in-class training concept with a state-of-the-art learning experience. Within our solution, you get access to a framework that facilitates an effective learning experience.  We help develop qualifications through tailored role-based training and by deploying the most effective training techniques. Our powerful training solution is focused on developing knowledge, behavior, and skills targeted to specific operational roles, and delivered through a multisensory learning technology.

21st Century training can be used during onboarding, for on-demand support for qualified employees, and for ongoing training.  NNIT guides you in determining whether Mixed Reality is the Right Training Technique for you and in which situations.


With 21st Century Training you can significantly reduce deviations and promote a Right-first-time culture, with faster onboarding, Multisensory Learning, and flexible training.

  • 100 % relevant training
  • Reduce rework by 50 %
  • On-demand training anywhere, anytime
  • Increase Training efficiency by 60 %
  • Provide opportunity to record the training
  • GxP compliant training system
  • Feedback collected and used for continuous improvement


Benefits of NNIT’s 21st Century training approach

We offer leading quality process experts and digital specialists, who understand how to link your business systems with the newest technologies and maximize the effectiveness of your learning environment. 

NNIT is one of the few companies that is currently providing Microsoft's Mixed Reality products within a GxP environment, and with integrations into existing QMS processes and systems.