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Tune your Quality Management System for the Digital Age

Develop and sustain best-in-class Quality Management Systems through latest technologies and well-proven quality principles

The QMS in the life sciences industry is maturing in the digital space moving away from paper-based systems towards a digitalized landscape. This landscape must be designed, implemented, and governed in a way that maximizes the full potential of these digital assets while  promoting an effective and compliant QMS. 

Across the life sciences industry, companies seek to adopt best-in-class digital QMS solutions that unify and enhance their business processes and data models, eliminate barriers between departments, and increase organizational performance and productivity. A well-designed QMS framework is key to achieving these objectives.

NNIT is ready to help you transform into a best-in-class QMS that facilitates operational excellence by applying a unified process and data-centric approach and by building a strong basis for an effective QMS which connects processes, documentation, training, and quality events.

Implement, sustain, and enhance best-in-class Quality Management Systems using the latest technology and well-proven quality principles.

  • 21st-century training – Learning Management Systems: By utilizing an effective technology enhanced process and role-based training model, organizations can boost their learning outcomes and cultivate a culture of “right-first time” practices.
  • Fast track to a Process-Oriented Document Management System: Applying a process oriented framework, you connect departments, facilitate standardization and harmonization, and increase the user adoption in your organization. With AI automation you will reduce time and effort required to achieve these objectives.
  • QMS – Remote Audit: Implementing agile remote audits for your QMS can lead to cost savings, better utilization of audit resources, increased security, and compliance with regulatory expectations.
  • Veeva Powerhouse: We guide you through the continuous transformation, from implementation to go-live and beyond.

dedicated and professional Quality advisory and consultancy unit with 50+ years of experience

With NNIT Quality Management, you get a competent partner to help you implement, develop and sustain best-in-class Quality Management Systems through latest technology and well-proven quality principles. Leveraging a unified solution and the expertise of NNIT professionals can bridge the gap between technology and business, ensuring the successful realization of your desired future state.

NNIT is a trusted partner to Veeva and we are a leading provider of services tailored to the Veeva solution. Within the Quality Vault domain, our expertise covers Quality Document Management Systems, Quality Management Systems and Training Vault. A full-service solution provides an end-to-end service with a well-proven framework and a dedicated expert team of 100+ certified Veeva Vaults professionals, 250+ experienced Veeva life sciences consultants and 450+ Veeva implementation projects.​