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NNIT Veeva Powerhouse - What it is and why you need it

With a unified, cloud-based platform such as Veeva Vault, life sciences companies have a new power tool to consolidate all aspects of life sciences business critical data. However, in order to realize the full benefits, business areas need to adapt to and adopt new habits and a new mindset. This is where NNIT Veeva Powerhouse comes in.

With the arrival of platforms like Veeva, a major technological barrier has been breached in life sciences. Pharma companies are no longer forced to utilize a dozen different systems to get their products to market. With Veeva Vault handling all the tasks previously done by your RIMS, eTMF, CTMS, QMS and more, you have every opportunity to increase your efficiency significantly. 

Barrier shift: From tech to business

Realizing this potential is no trivial matter, how ever. Veeva doesn’t just replace your legacy systems, allowing you to carry on with the same old routines. It provides a new suite of options and tools to take all aspects of your business- critical R&D data beyond what has previously been possible. Thanks to updates several times a year, those options keep expanding. But new options and tools require new business strategies, different tactical decisions and new ways of working across your organization.

Subsequently, the main barrier for increasing your efficiency has shifted from technology to business processes and culture.

To help you make the transition, NNIT has created NNIT Veeva Powerhouse to be your full-service partner for Veeva. With NNIT Veeva Powerhouse, NNIT has assembled a team of dedicated specialists with knowledge, training and experience to ensure that you gain the continuous benefits of the Veeva potential.

First: Get your strategy right

Your organization should ensure that a compre-hensive strategy is in place before getting onboard with any new platform, and Veeva is no exception. Without a comprehensive plan for the project, including the long-lasting implications for your business processes, there is a high risk of making costly mistakes and missing valuable opportunities. This is why NNIT Veeva Powerhouse offers a full suite of strategy and advisory services, including cloud strategies, best practices, business case development, technological evaluations, security advisory and more.

Agile implementation: Getting safely to Veeva

Once your strategy and the project outline are in place, the next step is to get your project designed properly with integrations, migration, validation and configuration. Getting data migrated safely to Veeva is no trivial task, and requires careful consideration, detailed planning and sharp project management. And once the migration is complete, you need to validate that your data has been successfully migrated. Fortunately, with Valiance Partners LLC on board as a NNIT Group company, NNIT holds the absolute gold standard in GxP data migration expertise.

In addition, NNIT implements more than 45 system integrations between a number of platforms in life sciences per year, giving us the skillset to ensure that all your applications are always in perfect sync with Veeva. Furthermore, we have a well-proven validation set of services including automated UAT/PQ for fast, efficient and secure validation. All the phases are supported by business SMEs with practical knowledge within the business domain.

Veeva Application Services: Keep up with constant improvements

Veeva strongly supports an agile methodology which challenges your organization to also adopt an agile mindset as the primary business driver. To assist you with just that, NNIT offers Veeva Application Services as part of NNIT Veeva Power-house. The service is composed of three elements:

Classic support and operations team to secure the constant quality, stability and availability of your Veeva application. Offers both incident management and release management.

This team works alongside the Veeva Support team to help you identify and realize opportunities for improvement, for instance introducing new functionality, configuration management and change management.

Armed with business understanding and a holistic approach, this team will help you orchestrate the application in a business context and enterprise IT landscape.

Put together, Veeva Application Services will provide you with both the business and technical support and advice to reap the full benefits of moving to a unified platform.