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NNIT Veeva Integration Services

Connect your processes and data from legacy to Veeva

The right integrations are essential if you wish to utilize the full potential of your data throughout your organization. They eliminate the need for entering data into several different systems and completing workflows manually. But getting them right means focusing on function rather than the system itself.

NNIT has established a leading global integration practice based on life sciences and enterprise clients. We are now the preferred partner for numerous integration technology vendors as well as for our clients. A focal point in building our integration services has been the ability to establish, build and perfect the practice of integration through projects, offerings and developments. This gives NNIT the unique edge of having more than only integration competencies.

Our offering includes the following services in the lifecycle of integrations:

  • Platform advisory
  • Governance
  • Scalable global integration delivery
  • AD and AMS services
  • Integration accelerators
  • Integration as a service
  • Hosting and maintenance


The integration services have grown out of our 20+ years of experience with integration of systems in the Life Sciences and other industries. Today NNIT delivers integration services on a broad range of technologies such as: Veeva, SAP, Microsoft, Informatica, Dell Boomi, EPIC, and Mulesoft

The technology agnostic approach to integrations enables NNIT to deliver integrations based on our accelerators into a client’s current landscape.