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Elevate your data migrations in a compliant way

Elevating data migrations for the life sciences industry

The need for migrating regulated data has increased dramatically in the life sciences industry. Successful migration of data from legacy systems has become a critical activity due to digital transformation initiatives, the adoption of new software platforms, and the increased use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud solutions. Further, the increase in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, has also increased the need to migrate and transfer data between organizations in a compliant and efficient manner.

To help our life sciences clients address this huge task of migrating data in a secure and compliant way, we provide a full suite of comprehensive services. Our migration services include strategy, scoping, planning, cleansing, migrating, validating and providing on-going managed services.

Lean back and let us take care of your data migrations

For companies in highly regulated industries, data quality and precise migrations are paramount. As this data contains IP, regulatory, compliancy, safety and quality information, it must be migrated in an accurate, compliant and timely fashion. It is no longer adequate to know the regulations that impact your business, you must also understand how the migration process and relevant technologies will impact your success.

Valiance Partners – an NNIT Group Company is the specialist you need to execute your critical migration projects successfully. With over 500 migrations for 100+ customers globally, we bring the most proven GxP migration software and methodology and are fluent in the relevant business processes and regulations that govern your industry.
With the use of our automated TRUseries data migration product suite, our Migration InSight methodology and our highly experienced consultants, we will help you achieve your goals in a timely, accurate, compliant, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Looking for a partner that can enable your digital transformation?

In October 2018, NNIT and Valiance Partners LLC joined forces to elevate data migrations for the life sciences industry.

The combination of NNIT and Valiance will help you continue your digital transformation journey.
SaaS platforms and cloud services could be a first step towards taking advantage of the new technologies. And building the bridge between your existing legacy systems and modern GxP compliant cloud solutions is a critical step.

NNIT has significant experience leading large programs of moving from one application to another, hosting (GxP) applications, supporting them and moving into new SaaS solutions to take advantage of improved processes. And Valiance – an NNIT Group Company, has the methodologies and tools needed to successfully migrate data between existing and new platforms.

Both NNIT and Valiance – an NNIT Group Company have extensive life sciences domain knowledge. We know the regulatory requirements, how they affect IT and business processes, and what is needed to ensure compliance.

Thus, together we excel in managing a complete digital transformation program from A to Z with high quality, efficiency and compliance in focus.

We support various platforms – including Veeva

The Valiance TRUseries product suite supports various platforms, such as Veeva Vault, Trackwise, Documentum, SharePoint, FirstDoc, NextDocs, SalesForce etc.

With Veeva Vault as one of the key supported platforms, we can bring you safely and efficiently onto a unified platform with a suite of applications for clinical, regulatory, quality and safety. This enables companies to drive greater efficiency and maintain compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

We can also ensure you getting the full benefit of the Veeva platform with proper planning, carefully executed implementation, training and due diligence in the continued operations and support.