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NNIT Veeva Powerhouse Webinars

Pick up the Pace with NNIT Veeva Powerhouse Webinars

Our experts are ready to help you pick up the pace on your Veeva journey. Get access to our webinars:

Learn how to successfully move from legacy pharmacovigilance systems to Vault Safety. Our experts discuss considerations when migrating data, developing operational requirements, and impact to global compliance of safety message exchanges.

We’ll explore how to develop a comprehensive approach and share recent experiences and lessons learned.

A successful Veeva implementation cannot stand alone. Apart from staying on top of the upgrades and new features, many companies also face the challenge to embrace continuous improvements and optimize their end-to-end business processes.

During the webinar our experts will walk you through, step by step, the following points, supported by use cases:

• How to ensure a successful transition of operational work for Veeva Vaults
• Post-implementation maximization of business value of your Veeva Vault in alignment with future roadmap, business requirements and desired enhancements
• Planning and maintaining Vault Connections for SPARK and beyond
• Joining Veeva and your business lifecycle for long-term strategic direction

The move from silo-based legacy systems to Veeva is no easy task. Depending on your current infrastructure, choice of applications and integration strategy you need to apply the proper tools and methodology to ensure an optimal outcome.

In this webinar, NNIT’s experts will share their experiences with typical integration scenarios as well as the common challenges, lessons learned, and why we recommend the use of integration accelerators. The presented use cases will look at integration from a functional and technical point of view including REST API and Spark messaging.

During the webinar, they will walk you through:

  • How to ensure a successful Veeva Vault implementation project
  • Introducing the Integration Methodology Framework
  • Securing project success using NNIT pre-qualified integration accelerators
  • The life after go-live – ensuring continuous improvement

Implementing Veeva Vault is no “plug and play”. There are several aspects to consider including focus on your business objectives, business cases and prioritization of timely delivery and fulfilment of expectations.

Furthermore, it is essential for your success that you ensure agility both during implementation and after go-live, successful configuration of the solutions and a strong organizational change management.

In this webinar, NNIT’s experts will share best practices on overcoming a Veeva Vault implementation project by walking through:

• Importance of strong leadership in transformative journeys done right, Veeva implementation projects can be an interesting and fun endeavor with many positive impacts
• Tips & tricks and best practices - examples from the past projects and lessons learned
• Showcase of the Hybrid Agile Methodology. When to use it? What to focus on?
• What is NNIT Professional Services and how do we support our customers

Ensuring proper migration and validation of your Veeva Vault can be a slow and cumbersome process without the right tools. This webinar outlines an efficient validation approach and illustrates use of dedicated migration tools including Machine Learning components.

During the webinar we will address:

  • Validation – what are the low hanging fruits?
    • Utilizing experience from earlier Veeva installations
  • Migration – what makes the task so complex?
    • Is automation an option?
  • Tools at hand – which serves what purpose the best?

At this webinar we will discuss the potential use of Veeva Vault as an archive platform to enlighten life sciences companies who haven’t chosen an archive platform and are considering or already using Vault across many or all of the Veeva spaces (Clinical, Regulatory, Quality, Safety).

Using Vault as an archive provides benefits for both employees and business, because viewing all legacy AND active data/content from the same Veeva interface gives a much better digital experience for the business users while maintaining all information control in Vault.

Implementation, migration, integration, and continuous improvement are all essential components when undertaking a regulatory affairs digital transformation project. But how do you ensure that limited resources continue to deliver improvements after go-live? Join this session with NNIT for a best practice approach to running a successful application management program.

Implementation, migration, integration and continuous improvement… all essential components when moving towards digital transformation. But how do small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources achieve the same benefits from new technology and cloud solutions as large pharma companies?

With focus on a successful implementation many companies fail to realize the benefits of speed of innovation from multi-tenant cloud-based solution such as Veeva Vault. With three releases per year, smaller and mid-size organizations struggle with the necessary resources and experience needed to efficiently manage their R&D applications. For many, best case scenario means missing out on potential long-term process improvements after go-live, and in worst case, the risk of non-compliance.

Listen in for a best practice approach to running a successful application management program with NNIT Veeva Powerhouse. During the presentation, NNIT will present some of the challenges as experienced by smaller/midsize organization maintaining cloud-based applications, as well as provide an overview of how to best utilize your Veeva Vault applications for end-to-end business process optimization while ensuring continuous compliance through every new release.

- Overview of benefits and challenges of managing Multi-tenant cloud-based R&D solutions
- Setting up a successful application management program
- Customer use cases