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NNIT Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Implementing an MES is complex and time-consuming - a hurdle for many organizations.

The NNIT Accelerated Implementation Methodology is a proven concept which helps reduce the risks and gets the job done in half the time of an average MES implementation.

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is essential for any pharma company that wants to stay competitive. Getting the full benefit of Pharma 4.0 production methods - like paperless production, review by exception, and advanced data analytics - without an MES is virtually impossible.

Despite this, a significant number of life sciences companies have yet to upgrade their production IT with an MES. According to an NNIT survey, as many as 30 percent of companies in the pharma industry have not implemented an MES. Others have implemented a system in various ways, but not integrated it fully into their digital manufacturing IT/OT architecture.

What are the pain points of MES implementations?

Finding the right MES solution and a vendor that is a good fit for your organization requires careful consideration and market insights. And once the selection is made, implementation involves months of planning, systems integration, validation, and testing.

An MES is a substantial investment, with a total price tag of several million USD, depending on the scale and complexity of your production.

Based on actual data, the standard implementation time for an MES ranges from 18-24 months.

Implementing an MES requires the involvement of key staff, such as production specialists and process area experts, and can disrupt production for extended periods of time.

These challenges do not only apply to new MES implementations. Many pharma companies that implemented an MES in the early 2000s now face upgrades that involve many of the same risks and difficulties.

Speed up with NNIT's Accelerated Implementation Methodology

Based on our extensive experience with pharma production IT, NNIT has developed the Accelerated Implementation Methodology to streamline the process of implementing or updating an MES. This proven concept is based on standardization, a tried-and-tested tool kit, expert knowledge, and industry reference models.

The benefits are:

The Accelerated Implementation Methodology can reduce the implementation time significantly. In some cases, to half the time of an average MES implementation.

Based on our life sciences background and domain knowledge of pharma production processes and regulations, NNIT can help you select the right MES solution and define the adequate scope.

The Accelerated Implementation Methodology is built around fixed methods and standards supported by automation tools. While key staff still need to provide input and review the implementation, the need for their direct involvement is significantly reduced.

An MES implementation is not just a matter of technology. In order to be successful, processes and mindsets need to be updated as well. NNIT has extensive experience in supporting the necessary change management throughout your organization.

What's next?

NNIT is a vendor agnostic and experienced MES implementation partner. We provide an end-to-end service including selecting the right MES solution and are well equipped to help your organization with implemention, reducing the cost, time, and risk involved.