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We can help you set up the right organization and methodology based on Scaled Agile Framework.​

Optimize your SAFE setup with citizen integrators

Can your agile teams solve integration tasks successfully without having a specialist onboard 24/7? The answer is yes. With NNIT's Center of Enablement method, you avoid the bottlenecks and shadow IT that bring integration to a standstill.

For agile teams that need to function within a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE), integration can become a hindrance that brings the entire project to a grinding halt. At the same time, your integration team is then overburdened with requests for support and is forced to work at a feverish pace to get all its tasks done. This results in employee dissatisfaction and can be detrimental to the successful completion of projects.

With NNIT as your partner, we'll set up a Center of Enablement and educate citizen integrators who will make your agile release trains able to carry out up to 80 percent of the integration-related tasks by themselves, leaving your integrations team with only the last 20 percent that requires its very specific integration expertise. Citizen integrator are members of the agile release trains, who are taught how to complete certain integration related tasks.

Eliminate bottlenecks and shadow IT
Shadow IT and bottlenecks occur when your integration specialists do not have enough time and resources to help the Agile teams when requested. Frustration due to project delay can lead team members to develop their own integration solutions and workarounds that do not fit with the established integration platform.

At NNIT, we understand the challenges that bottlenecks, and shadow IT create, and how they can harm your business. But simply dealing with those challenges as they arise solves nothing. By introducing a Center of Enablement and a simple integration platform, however, we can ensure that they never occur in the first place.

When we establish a Center of Enablement, we implement the tools that citizen integrators will need and ensure that the right governance steps are in place. Then your integration team introduces the integration platform to members of the agile teams, which enables them to manage a large variety of integration tasks themselves. These members of the Agile teams thus become citizen integrators – agile team members who instead of resorting to shadow IT, know how to enter the right layer of the integration platform, and get the integration task done in a governed and protected way. When the integration tasks become too complicated for the citizen integrator, the expert integration team simply takes over.

We know integration
At NNIT, we are specialists in establishing Centers of Enablement and educating citizen integrators who can navigate in a SAFE setup. We have established Centers of Enablement in a wide variety of companies across many different industries.

Our approach is to develop integration platforms that combine current best practice guidelines with your specific needs. And our experts use well-proven methods to facilitate the handover of knowledge from your integration team to citizen integrators. The result? Your Agile teams stay in control of project progress while remaining truly agile.