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Hybrid Cloud integrations

Good integration strengthens your Hybrid Cloud setup

Too often poor integration hinders the ability of companies to harness the full potential of their Hybrid Cloud solutions. With NNIT as your partner, integration is carefully managed from the beginning of every project. All you have to do is focus on developing your Hybrid Cloud setup to the maximum benefit of your business.

A Hybrid Cloud solution can combine the best of both worlds but integrating on-premise solutions and legacy systems with new Cloud services is not something you just do on a whim. At NNIT, we ensure that integration is incorporated from the beginning, and that time, budget and experienced experts are always available to take on each and every task throughout the entire project.

You can leverage integration to boost your business
Cloud solutions are often marketed on the ability to leverage your business. However, to do this it is imperative to involve the IT department in the clarification phase. Otherwise, you risk missing important considerations regarding integration and how to transfer data from one system to another. Poor integration can hinder your company's ability to perform optimally on a daily basis and impair long-term digital development.

However, when integration is considered and implemented correctly from the very beginning, it can save you from a myriad of time-consuming manual processes and repetitive data entry. With our ABOS (advise, build, operate, support) model you get a streamlined integration process where we make sure your project gets off on the right foot.

The ABOS model means we are there to advise you from the very beginning of your project. We help you build the integration platform and to operate and maintain it afterwards. And most importantly, you can count on us for support throughout the entire integration process. We share our experience with integration processes to ensure that you gain better insights into your systems, and we will enable you to utilize synergy effects created between different parts of your business to a far greater extent.

Gain control of security and governance
When introducing a Hybrid Cloud setup, all your data is transferred beyond the company's physical premises. Therefore, it is vital to increase focus on both security and governance.

Due to NNIT's background in the pharma industry, security and governance are integral parts of our DNA. When it comes to integration, our strength lies in the discipline itself – rather than being tied to merely one specific solution, such as SAP or Microsoft. This, combined with our experience from having maneuvered complex integration projects across various industries for years, makes us able to set up complex governance structures, implement segregation of duty, and ensure process security.

Make way for faster time to market
Companies that are in control of the integration processes in their Hybrid Cloud setup will reap many benefits along the way. Proper integration makes it much easier and faster to integrate new systems and routines, and thus speeds up time to market. When integrations are expertly handled from the beginning, your Hybrid Cloud setup matures over time – meaning your IT department will spend less time fixing integration issues and more time developing the IT setup to boost your bottom line