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Get Integration as a Service

Integration sets the pace for your business

Poor integration slows down your company's performance. If data cannot pass effortlessly from one system to another, the ripple effect on other systems will cause data to be delayed across your organization. As a result, your time to market will decrease and, in serious situations, your entire business could come to a screeching halt.

Enormous amounts of business-critical data are transported through your IT systems daily. It takes robust, reliable integration solutions to ensure that data flows freely and is available in the right system at the right time. When data backs up or is delayed, your IT department will have to spend time finding and fixing bottlenecks and errors. In the meantime, your employees can not complete their tasks and reports, causing delays, frustration and having a negative affecting your business. At NNIT, we are experts in avoiding this scenario.

Integration as a Service frees up time for IT development
Because integration is critical to your business, we know that problem solving always takes priority and IT development is often pushed down on the agenda when your employees have integration-related tasks to perform. Therefore, NNIT offers you "Integration as a Service" – we take on the problem solving as well as the tedious job of performing maintenance and completing routine tasks. This way your employees will not have to deprioritize IT development but can instead give it their full attention. Just imagine how this intensified focus will benefit your business in the long run.

Integration must be maintained over time
Integration is a natural part of building an organization and, just like other parts of your organization, it needs to be maintained continuously. Because your IT systems and setup evolve over time, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for integration. It demands constant attention and takes specialist knowledge to support the maintenance.

With an Integration as a Service solution from NNIT, we make sure that you are always at the forefront when it comes to integration. We take care of all your integration needs as they arise, keeping one eye firmly on the future to ensure your systems are prepared for updates. When you add new systems, or when old systems need an upgrade, you can rely on us to make sure integration is carried out with the greatest proficiency, allowing your organization to work without hiccups or data delays.

Maturing your IT setup
Instead of superficially solving problems as they occur by addressing the immediate cause, NNIT's experts dive deep to find the root cause and then solve the problem from there, ensuring that the issue will never occur again. Over time, your integration and IT setups will become more mature and resistant and, in turn, you will experience fewer errors and delays. This makes it easier for your employees to integrate new systems and manage large-scale updates where integrations with other systems are affected.

In short, NNIT's Integration as a Service is designed to ensure efficient integration that not only supports your IT setup, but helps you keep your business running at high speed.