Integration, close-up of metal gears

Applications go from good to great with the right integration

Implement the latest software in your portfolio ​ with seamless integrations

Today’s hybrid setups open up opportunities for more and more powerful, user-friendly applications. But implementing the new, innovative solutions meets very traditional integration dilemmas.​

With NNIT, you get access to one of the industry’s most accomplished integration teams, working from structured, battle-proven methods.
We execute fast, agile integrations without compromising control of y​our backend.​

Helping you all the way​

Different IT setups take different kinds of integration platforms. ​
Especially in complex, differentiated IT landscapes, integration entails building a robust integration layer, that doesn’t compromise the ​
backend and governance measures. At NNIT, we can help you all the way. ​

Accustomed to working on several different platforms and to integrating applications from Microsoft, AWS, Google, Logic and others, we have a firm grasp of business needs as well as compliance. That’s one of the reasons our customer satisfaction consistently rates among the best in our industry.​