IT outsourcing services, server rack at data center
Infrastructure and Applications

Secure your IT foundation with infrastructure outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure, including hosting, network and device management, to NNIT is a good way to keep it secure, compliant and well integrated.

Why bother with the stress of complex infrastructure management and maintenance when your time and resources could be better used adding value to your business?

Making sure that the business-critical elements of your IT infrastructure are secure, updated and operating as expected can easily take up the majority of your budget and your IT staff's time. IT-intensive companies typically allocate 75-80 percent of their IT budget to infrastructure maintenance and the tasks associated with it are not getting less complex any time soon.

To help you spend your time more productively, NNIT offers outsourcing services that ensure the highest levels of security, availability and flexibility. And our Cloud Managed Services and Hybrid Cloud expertise enable us to meet your needs – both in the cloud and in the data center.

Your network is the core of your IT infrastructure
Your network not only allows units to communicate and support business processes, it is also the point of entry for customers, suppliers, employees and partners. As such, you can't afford any downtime or security risks.

With an NNIT outsourcing solution, you can count on benefiting from the most advanced network technologies, ranging from high-speed cables and local area networks (LAN) to wide area networks (WAN), wireless and more – all supported by skilled personnel.

Robust device management
Today, your customers, partners and employees use a multitude of desktop and mobile devices to connect with your company. This is why a robust and secure device lifecycle management solution from NNIT is worth considering. We'll handle all the provisioning, managing and retiring functions, as well as implement desktop virtualization capabilities, so your business can thrive.

Stay secure and compliant
The threats facing your IT infrastructure have never been more widespread or menacing. Cybercriminals constantly search for new ways to exploit and compromise organizations – and no business is overlooked. At the same time, the ever-changing regulatory demands made by authorities also require constant attention.

By outsourcing your IT infrastructure to NNIT, you ensure that strong cybersecurity controls are in place. We are always vigilant and respond to threats immediately. You can also be certain that your entire infrastructure is compliant with all regulatory requirements, such as privacy laws and industry-specific regulations.

Integration keeps you connected at all times
If your organization is like most, you have a large number of customer-dedicated systems, databases, portals and other technologies that all have to work flawlessly together. If the integrations that keep these technologies connected fail, your customers can't reach you, cooperation becomes impossible… and the entire value chain comes to a grinding halt.

Outsourcing to NNIT will ensure your integrations never fail. We design and implement batch systems, develop new and manage existing middleware technologies, keep everything updated and secure, and provide maintenance services that guarantee you won't have to worry about being disconnected.