IT outsourcing services, server rack at data center
Infrastructure and Applications

Let us keep your applications updated and running smoothly

By outsourcing to NNIT, you secure a guarantee of optimal and stable performance for your ERP or CRM system, collaboration tools and industry-specific applications.

Regardless of your application platform, you should always be confident that all your organization's IT applications are running according to current best practices and configured to your business needs.

NNIT specializes in application outsourcing for businesses, and with over 20 years of experience, our specialist team has the tools and methodologies in place to keep your applications running smoothly – both in the data center and in the cloud.

Outsource ERP and CRM for competitive advantage
The bigger and more complex a company becomes, the more vital it is to maintain well-functioning ERP and CRM systems. This is especially true if the ERP system is integral to a critical supply and production environment that requires robust supply chain management and if the CRM is essential in providing top-notch service to customers around the clock.

NNIT excels at managing end-to-end ERP and CRM technologies and provides consultancy, implementation, hosting, application management and licenses. You can rely on us for high-quality, low-risk solutions that meet all your security and compliance requirements. With optimized ERP and CRM systems at your back, you have the advantage over your competition.

Keep collaboration friction-free
In the modern workplace, IT applications are essential for productivity, collaboration and communication. Keeping these tools functioning and secure is not just a matter of working optimally – it is frequently a prerequisite for being able to work at all.

All the tools of the trade
No matter what your company does, you likely rely on a number of industry-specific applications in your day-to-day business operations. At NNIT, we have extensive insights into many different industries, and use our understanding of both technology and your business processes to provide the optimal results.

Stay secure and compliant
By outsourcing to NNIT, you can keep your IT applications safe from the ever-present threat of cybercrime. You can also be certain that your applications are kept compliant with all regulatory requirements, such as privacy laws and industry-specific regulations.

Integration keeps your applications connected
Few applications run in isolation. Strong integrations are vital to keeping your critical applications connected to each other and to your IT infrastructure. At NNIT, our intense focus on integration management will keep every part of even the most complicated IT setup working together in perfect harmony.