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Infrastructure and Applications

Outsource to optimize

Focus on your business, not on managing IT. Let us ensure that your critical infrastructure and applications are always updated, secure and compliant.

Managing IT is a complex and time-consuming task. And the role of IT is to support your core business, enable digital transformation and allow you to bring new products and services to market faster.

So, when you consider your IT needs, your focus should be on adding value to your business – not on maintenance, securing sufficient capacity and attracting enough talent. You can rely on NNIT for that.

Stay ahead of the tech curve
By letting us handle the management of your business-critical IT systems, you can rest assured that your systems are constantly being improved and optimized using the latest technology. By utilizing automation on every level, we continually modernize and transform your infrastructure and applications to keep pace with the latest technological advances and your ever-evolving needs.

It does not matter where you prefer to have your IT located: on-premise or any mix of private, public and Hybrid Cloud. We have the skills, technology and experience to handle your needs, both in the cloud and in the data center.

Shift costs and avoid bank-breaking investments
Outsourcing is also an effective way to manage costs by eliminating the need to invest in expensive physical hardware. What's more, you can shift IT expenses from CAPEX to OPEX and make sure that your costs always align with your current operational needs.

It also allows you to free up the time your inhouse IT staff would otherwise spend on maintenance, allowing them to direct their attention to more productive tasks.

Compliance is everything
For many businesses, keeping up with both general and industry-specific regulations is increasingly difficult. Fortunately, it is at the core of everything we do here at NNIT. Our long-standing and wide-ranging experience with customers from an array of regulated industries ensures that we are well equipped to keep your IT systems secure and compliant at all times.

The right partner mix
Regardless of your setup, our many strong partnerships with market leaders and agile specialists allow us to always have the right expertise at hand. This is not only true for designing new solutions, but for managing integrations and handling support issues too.