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Hybrid Cloud

How to embrace the hybrid reality

​Cloud computing has facilitated scaling and maintenance, minimized the company’s hardware costs, and optimized everything from development, testing, and implementation to administration and operation. Yes, you could sometimes believe that the company might as well shut down the server room, terminate all of its hosting agreements, and run everything from a data center with Microsoft or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

However, this is only a modified truth. All companies of a certain size have numerous platforms and processes running on-premises or with a hosting partner. There may be advantages of moving some of these to the cloud, but for other systems, this would not be relevant at all. For this reason, almost all organizations have a foot in both camps and they shift between conventional IT and one or several public cloud services. This combination of on-premises and cloud poses many challenges of an organizational and technical nature – but also a range of very interesting opportunities.

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