Hybrid Cloud

PaaS - Integrations

Hybrid, distributed integration capability as a cloud service in iPaaS

Integration is everywhere

We all have a history, and all companies have a system landscape shaped by the progression through time. This means that Enterprise data is distributed across multiple Line of Business (LoB) solutions in both cloud and on-prem environments, and it is expensive and tedious to integrate between the LoB solutions.

NNITs Integration as a Service helps you integrate the LoB solutions into a ubiquitous environment that allows you to seamlessly access and manage applications, data, services and systems


The challenges:

  • Digital business transformations increasingly demand expedient and diversified ways of provisioning data that combine endpoints on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Data integration efforts are increasingly pressured to support more cloud-, IoT- and ecosystem-driven data integration projects in a timely manner. 

NNIT Integration as a Service

Our Integration as a Service (IntaaS) is a delivery model that contains daily monitoring of integrations and continuous improvement of integrations and updating of documentation. This is achieved at attractive cost rates, due to NNIT's extensive experience, knowledge and offshore capabilities delivered in a lightweight package.
IntaaS will outsource support and monitoring tasks from the existing integration team, and thus release more actual development time to the integration specialists. This will ultimately result in increased business value through efficient use of integration resources and continuous improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous improvement on integrations made by NNIT thus reducing and improving errors and release time.
  • Expert knowledge from strategy to maintenance
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Scalable delivery with expert integration specialists