Hybrid Cloud

PaaS - Databases

Database migrations to Managed Database Services

The Cloud database market is growing rapidly, due to some great advancements in cloud-based database technologies. An increasing number of the new databases technologies and features are however only made available as Cloud PaaS, and this, in combination with the extensive supporting toolset provided by PaaS database, makes them the right choice for a many use cases.

NNIT can help you assessing the possibilities as well as plan and perform the migration.


Challenges with on-prem databases:

  • Time consuming and comparatively expensive to setup new database environments.
  • Limited scaling options, and limited access to new technologies and features.
  • Patching and upgrading of database servers and database infrastructure is an ongoing challenge.

Our Solution

The number of Cloud Database PaaS offerings can be overwhelming and making the right decision for a given use case often requires extensive knowledge of the market and the technologies.

NNIT can help you on your Cloud journey by identifying the potential for creating new Cloud PaaS Databases, or migrating existing on-premise databases to Cloud PaaS, based on your requirements related to legislation, security, availability, traffic, backup, redundancy and storage capacity.

Key Benefits

  • Access to the latest technology innovations.
  • Easy access to elastic scaling of databases based on traffic and storage needs.
  • Built-in security and monitoring.
  • Data redundancy and backups easily scaled to needs.