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Hybrid Cloud

Infrastructure Assessment

Infrastructure Assessment: Find the right balance between cloud and on-premise

Once you have started to move your infrastructure, applications, and platforms to Cloud, it's often worthwhile continuing. Together with NNIT's cloud experts, you can carry out an Infrastructure Assessment and take a detailed look at your entire existing infrastructure to find just the right balance between on-premise and cloud.

Migrating to the cloud is a bit like training for a run. It is hard to know where to get started, and even harder to get out of the sofa, find your jogging gear, and decide which route to take. But once you've got a few miles in your legs, you will notice how your new healthy habits are giving you more energy and enthusiasm. You become faster, lighter, and more agile; suddenly it is not at all difficult to find the motivation to lace up your trainers.

Similarly, your first migration to cloud will often provide a lot of benefits that you cannot wait to spread to other parts of your IT set-up. Usually, an Infrastructure Assessment with NNIT's Cloud Team can quickly identify the obvious candidates for the trip from the server room to the cloud.
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Sparring partners take you securely forward

Before you just start moving things randomly, it is best to get an overview and lay down a plan. How much of your infrastructure needs moving to the cloud depends entirely on your existing set-up, current needs and expectations of the future. You don't have to run a full marathon when a half marathon is more than enough to keep you in good shape.

With NNIT as your experienced sparring partner, an Infrastructure Assessment provides you with a basis for making informed decisions about further migration to the cloud - at the pace and capacity that suits your particular business.

Focus on your existing set-up

Unlike a Cloud Readiness Analysis that usually takes place during the Cloud Readiness phase of an NNIT Cloud Journey, the focus of an Infrastructure Assessment is not on your existing Cloud use, but on your on-premise infrastructure. Here, NNIT uses the Azure Migrate tool to identify, assess and migrate your on-premise virtual machines to Azure. With the Azure App Service, NNIT can help you get a complete overview of your various web applications and their maturity as regards moving to the cloud.