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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Advisory: Focused modernization of your cloud potential

Once you have established the foundation for your use of cloud, you will soon discover that it inspires innovation throughout your business. With NNIT as your Cloud Advisory partner, you can seize the opportunity to work smarter and exploit your full cloud potential.   

There are many immediate benefits to adopting Cloud-based IT, but the full potential of can easily be unfulfilled if you just keep working as you have always done. This is why NNIT is ready with Cloud Advisory, to help to prioritize and support the value-added innovations that are possible with Cloud.   

Toolbox in the cloud 

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud, once the basic infrastructure in place, is that you have the opportunity to integrate a host of advanced features such as the Internet of Things and Machine Learning into your basic architecture. These types of technologies would normally require huge investments to develop independently but are available as standard services from major Cloud providers. 

Not only are these kinds of advanced tools far more accessible in the cloud, they can also be quickly scaled - or shut down again. This allows for agile pilot projects where, with the right fail-fast mentality, you can try out new ideas in record time - and only continue to invest in those that work in the real world. 

Insight into your business creates value   

With all the many tools and services at your disposal, it is especially crucial to focus on and select the areas that are most likely to yield positive benefits for your particular business. For this reason, NNIT's Cloud Advisory forms an integral part of the various forums that are established to organize and develop your Cloud solutions, like the Cloud Advisory Board, Cloud Management Forum and Cloud Operational Forum.  

This constellation provides the framework for a structured working process that links NNIT's technical expertise and industry knowledge with an insight into your unique challenges and business procedures. In this way, together with NNIT, you can better identify the most obvious opportunities for innovation. For example, you may be able to reduce your use of man-hours by using image recognition as part of production or quality control; or release data and knowledge across the organization via a chatbot with a built-in Q&A feature. 

The potential is clearly huge, so the sooner you focus your efforts with Cloud Advisory, the better.