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Migrate your Web Apps to PaaS with NNIT

In a constantly changing market and a rapidly evolving technology landscape, time-to-market, time-of-change and continuous access to the latest innovations in technology is more important than ever. With the right combination of Cloud PaaS, custom-built, and legacy integration, we always strive for designs that are fast to develop, fast to change, and where new PaaS innovations and customizations are embedded continuously in short iterations, rather than massive refactoring projects.

Challenges with traditional on-prem apps:

  • Most innovation takes place in Cloud PaaS, and not as libraries that can be embedded on-premise.
  • Custom-built components and services can rarely compete with the Cloud PaaS counterparts in terms of features, performance and total costs.
  • Infrastructure, scaling, deployment, monitoring and maintenance require more work comparatively.

Our Solution

Whether you are planning for a full Cloud migration of your existing application landscape, a new Cloud-native application portfolio or just want the PaaS potential assessed for one of your existing applications, NNIT can help.
Our teams have extensive experience in all aspects of the application lifecycle, covering all stages from initial analysis to monitoring and operations of the developed applications.

Key Benefits

  • Access to largest technology innovations
  • Easy Access to elastic scaling of applications based on load
  • Built-in security and monitoring of services
  • Data redundancy and backups easily scaled to needs