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Hybrid Cloud

PaaS - DevOps

State of the art, integrated tooling and processes

Just starting, or already running several application development teams? Then you are most likely looking into a wide range of tools and technologies to align your processes and tooling across teams, giving you a unified approach to DevOps for all teams. 

When moving to cloud you will start a journey with both new challenges and possibilities to utilize cloud technologies. NNIT will help you on your journey.

Why is DevOps important?

With modern cloud solutions utilizing many PaaS services, product teams have a great need for unified visibility, automation, orchestration, integration, governance and management
The increasing need for innovation within IT services, demands an even higher degree of automation and ability to ship new features and value faster

How we engage with you

NNIT offers a fully managed DevOps service based on best practices and modern tools, providing a professional and accelerated journey to success for developers and business owners. 

We engage with both business and IT to ensure a solid foundation of the existing DevOps methodologies and tools, to better bridge the gap between relevant areas by breaking down siloes and enable you to utilize the full potential of cloud platforms.

Key benefits

  • Accelerated application development and feature delivery with CI/CD
  • Unified processes centralized in Azure DevOps enables high degree of visibility, traceability and manageability
  • Principles about Infrastructure-as-code enables frequent, repeatable and uniform deployments across environments