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Hybrid Cloud

PaaS - Containers

Containerize applications with Managed Container Services

Have you started your container journey yet? Containers can provide significant benefits for your organization such as agility and consistency between environments and releases. You can focus on innovation and productivity for your business rather than managing infrastructure and environments.

Containers and orchestration tools adds many new principles with high complexity and steep learning curves in teams with little or no container experience.

Challenges in container adoption:

  • Lack of expertise with microservices, cloud-native applications and orchestration tools

  • Overhead of handling containers when solutions grow in size and complexity

  • Low speed of scaling out in traditional container orchestration tools

The container journey

A paradigm shift is required in your organization to harvest the full potential of resilient and repeatable delivery of microservice-based applications with containers. Containers introduces new risks and attack surfaces. It is therefore key to treat compliance and security as first-class citizens in this journey.

NNIT leads you through the container landscape with our dedicated container team; with certifications in Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS and Azure. The team has several years of experience with containers and orchestration tools for complex application architectures in production.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid Deployments
  • Developer Productivity
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere
  • Reduce Risk of Delivery
  • Scalability