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Hybrid Cloud

PaaS - AI/ML solutions

Realize the value of data and discover untapped potentials

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are among NNIT’s top strategic priorities. Engaging with AI/ML involves efforts around establishing a solid data platform, developing data science use cases, and preparing the organization to scale their data science activities. NNIT can assist you on this journey, from taking the first steps to applying our battle-tested framework for enabling you to scale data science and ultimately become a truly data-driven business.

Our promise to you

  • A modern, hybrid cloud-based data platform to support your strategy and AI/ML solutions.
  • Professional services to advise and develop your AI/ML use cases, and empower you to explore new potential and improve existing processes and products.
  • A tailored journey, based on proven cases, to enable you to overcome the different barriers to becoming a truly data-driven business and leverage the full potential of your data.

How we engage with you

NNIT offers a partnership for accelerating your entire AI/ML journey, no matter your point of departure. We bring together what is desirable from a customer perspective with what is technologically feasible and commercially viable. We provide an ecosystem of partners and work in interdisciplinary teams together with customers to provide cutting-edge, scalable and manageable AI/ML solutions.
Together, we partner up with you to assist you in becoming a data-driven business and leverage the full potential of your data.

Key benefits

  • Enable data-driven, strategic decision-making
  • Improve products, services and customer experience
  • Automate and optimize internal processes, increasing the time spent on value-adding activities
  • Derive insights from complex data sets and big data
  • Comply with regulations and practices while enabling innovation