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Hybrid Cloud for Life Sciences

Legacy or cloud? Becoming hybrid is not an either/or question

There is no doubt that a great deal of the demand for innovation and new technologies in life sciences organizations is pushed through by Line of Business (LoB) in a quest to stay competitive and keep abreast of market demands. But it is very much up to the CIO to support the LoB and de velop a strategy that enables the innovation process.

Thus, the task facing the CIO of a life sciences ­business ­can ­be ­a ­difficult ­balancing ­act ­with ­a quite ubiquitous challenge: How do you maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and Business Applications – while also supporting the digital transformation needed in the Line of Business?

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Digital transformation is a prerequisite for survival in the vast majority of industries - and the effects of rapid technological advances can be felt all the way to the core of a company's business.


Being the CIO can be a difficult balancing act. Learn how to maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and business applications while also supporting the digital transformation your Line of Business (LoB) requires to stay competitive.
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Cloud computing has facilitated scaling and maintenance, minimized the company’s hardware costs, and optimized everything from development, testing, and implementation to administration and operation.

While it may not make sense for all your IT to be in the cloud, some of it definitely should. Here are 7 good reasons why.

GxP-compliant Cloud

True stories of risk management in the Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of Cloud without repeating common mistakes. Cloud solutions, especially Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), have been sweeping through the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. In this presentation you will read about risks involved in moving from on-premise hosting to SaaS - lessons that others have learned the hard way. Raymond McKinney, Operations Manager with 10+ years of supervisory and hands-on experience with deploying SaaS systems is sharing his knowledge from numerous clients’ projects.

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Deploying GxP Cloud Solutions

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