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AWS for Life Sciences

Increasing business demands and regulatory requirements in the life sciences industry calls for innovative and tailored solutions

Life sciences companies are always striving to shorten the go-to-market time and to deliver the best customer products possible, while maintaining high quality and complying with the strict regulations of the life science industry. By combining SAP solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, NNIT is helping a life sciences customer in the APAC region to increase efficiency and reduce costs, while complying with GxP regulations.

The NNIT customer in the APAC region is working with discovery and development of innovative drugs. The company has been growing at impressive growth rates and has increased its geographical presence at a fast pace, hereby adding new layers of complexity to their business.

SAP solutions are playing a central role in supporting business growth and is therefore adapted by many life sciences companies. However, the amount of potential solutions is many, therefore the support of a trusted IT services provider - such as NNIT - is crucial to the success of the project.

Based on NNIT’s analysis and guidance, the customer chose an AWS powered SAP solution to achieve their business goals, while meeting the compliance requirements and regulations they are subject to.

In order to achieve the expected positive outcomes supporting their growth journey, the customer and NNIT discussed the overall design phase and solution criteria, which among others included business targets such as:

  • Increased efficiency through faster provisioning for SAP deployments
  • Savings, that are expected to be on the positive side of 10% of costs, compared to using a traditional data center
  • Reduction of RTO/RPO of up to 80% through AWS services and automated procedures
  • Compliance with GxP requirements
  • Scalable AWS infrastructure which meets availability and capacity needs

The NNIT tailored customer solution takes advantage of AWS technology, which is scalable and offers fast provisioning worldwide, and SAP solutions that can be delivered to end-uses at the same pace as the business grows, all while having the potential to support much larger volumes of deployment.

Furthermore, the customer now has a daily operation that is more customizable, scalable and automated. As a result, the overall operational tasks for the customer is a lot less time consuming, hereby allowing for the customer’s IT department to free up resources that can be used on focusing on other core business areas.

The customer solution is hosted on AWS infrastructure and consists of various AWS services including AWS EC2, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Direct Connect, AWS VPC, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config.