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AWS for Life Sciences

Build, innovate and scale with AWS for life sciences

Public Cloud computing offers life sciences organizations powerful ways to innovate and modernize their entire value chain. Get access to pioneering technologies like AI and data analysis with NNIT. As an AWS Life Sciences Cloud partner, we are ready to support your journey to the cloud in a secure and compliant manner.

From the lab to the pharmacy shelves and medicine cabinets of end-users, life sciences companies can achieve tremendous progress by leveraging the cloud. Improved flexibility, better use of data, and more streamlined processes for testing, validation and quality management – these are just some of the benefits of the public Cloud services available from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can gain all these benefits while ensuring that your organization remains fully compliant with any relevant regulations, such as HIPAA and GxP, when working in the cloud. In many cases, AWS facilities are designed specifically for the healthcare and life sciences industries, and regulatory compliance is guaranteed by third-party audits. What's more, AWS' global infrastructure is fully compatible with all major industry-specific applications like SAP and Veeva.

By deploying on AWS and choosing NNIT as your Cloud partner, you are placing yourself in the best possible hands, whether you are looking to craft your Cloud strategy, transition to the cloud, develop new solutions with DevOps, or maintain your operations hassle-free with managed Cloud services. If you want your own infrastructure in the cloud or a platform to build custom applications, NNIT can also provide full IaaS and PaaS solutions on AWS. We support both a Hybrid Cloud and a full Cloud approach.



Build your next life sciences solution on AWS public Cloud

At NNIT, we are experts at using the many elements of AWS as building blocks to craft innovative, fully compliant solutions to meet our clients' specific needs. Examples of customized solutions developed for life sciences clients include:

Intelligent data quality: AI-assisted management of thousands of business-critical documents like SOPs and work instructions using natural language processing (NLP), automation and secure Cloud storage.

Data lake: Optimizing data utilization and support with an AWS data lake for a major pharma company. By using a combination of AWS Cloud tools, we developed a system – fully secure, compliant, and scalable – that ensured central accessibility of previously siloed data to 12,000 employees.

NNIT – an AWS Life Sciences Cloud partner

As an AWS preferred Life Sciences Cloud partner, NNIT can meet your every need when it comes to Cloud. We support multiple engagement models that will ensure all your Cloud requirements are satisfied while also accommodating any value-adding services you may desire.

We can deliver:

• Validation and compliance services on AWS

• SAP services on AWS

• Data and AI solutions

• Hybrid Cloud managed services