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Hybrid Cloud

To talk cloud, is to talk opportunities

Accelerate speed, innovation, and differentiation with a pure cloud or a hybrid cloud setup

New business opportunities are often cloud-based. Going cloud – or hybrid cloud – will allow your business to realize the benefits of hybrid cloud such as speed and agility, while gaining access to innovative tools. This will boost your innovation, growth, and competitiveness.

Ensure strong handling of your cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure​

You will get the most of your hybrid cloud solutions if you ensure strong handling of everything from Cloud Security and Compliance, Cloud FinOps and Cloud Governance.

At NNIT, we can help you accelerate your business ideas from design to building and operating a hybrid cloud setup that supports your business without compromising your organization.

Seize new opportunities quickly and easily with a cloud or hybrid cloud solution

When it comes to cloud, our focus is on creating a setup that allows you to grasp new opportunities quickly and easily.

Our experienced cloud architects can help you find the right balance between cloud and existing solutions, no matter where you are on your hybrid cloud journey. With in-house experts in all relevant fields, from migration to cybersecurity, we ensure that you avoid any pitfalls on your way to the cloud so you can reap the hybrid cloud benefits.

Hybrid Cloud articles:

At NNIT we define ‘Hybrid’ as the combination of Classical IT and Digital Services (including Cloud) in a multi-partner setup.

Hybrid also describes the situation where enterprises mix ‘n’ match various cloud services across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Regardless of the combination, NNIT is here to plan, optimize ad operate your journey to the cloud and digital services at large. With respect for - and deep knowledge of - the legacy and classical IT needs that all enterprises are faced with.

Being the CIO can be a difficult balancing act. Learn how to maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and business applications while also supporting the digital transformation your Line of Business (LoB) requires to stay competitive.

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Digital transformation is a prerequisite for survival in the vast majority of industries - and the effects of rapid technological advances can be felt all the way to the core of a company's business.

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To be the disrupter instead of the disrupted, your business needs an all-encompassing digital transformation. This means that the classic CIO role of operations is becoming extinct. These days, the CIO needs to be more deeply involved in the business.

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Let your systems analyze, interpret and present data so you and your colleagues can make informed business decisions.

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Digital transformation is not "just" an IT project, and neither should it be born and bred in the IT department. Digital transformation reaches into all areas of the business, and this is why it is crucial for successful transformation that top management is at the forefront of the digital project.

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While it may not make sense for all your IT to be in the cloud, some of it definitely should. Here are 7 good reasons why.

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When an organization scales up the digital transformation with Cloud, many IT Operations departments find it difficult to keep track of the initiatives. The solution is a structured approach that gives operators control over budgets and billing without hampering agility and creativity. 

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