Stram op på samarbejde, sikkerhed og governance Microsoft Office 365
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Microsoft Office 365: Get the basics under control, tighten up on working together, security, and data discipline

Whether you are well into Office 365, looking for the solution to a specific business problem, or are merely curious to see what is out there, NNIT is ready to help.

Online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office 365 have made it easy to work flexibly and efficiently regardless of physical distance or corporate units. But as employees become more familiar with the various applications, the other side of the coin starts to emerge.

Some of the typical problems we see include:

  • Sensitive data saved on abandoned project sites.
  • The number of Teams and Sharepoint sites growing, due to a lack of control over completed projects.
  • No details of which project sites and data external guest users have access to. External users given access to far more than should be allowed.
  • New updates are implemented using standard settings, even when not appropriate given your needs and strategy.
  • Backup procedures that may be in violation of GDPR because no one has actively considered how long and where data is stored.


From soft governance to hard governance

Office 365 already provides a solid digital foundation for the modern workplace in many organizations. Collaboration and data sharing are often so easy via Teams and OneDrive that focus is lost on fundamental concepts such as data discipline, backups, and governance. The same applies to long-term planning and strategic overview.

Most organizations have of course compiled their own IT policies and guidelines, but the time and technical solutions needed to implement them are often lacking. The result is that overview and control slowly but surely begin to slip.

Transforming soft governance to hard governance is therefore a good idea, making data discipline mandatory and without compromising on security.

Tame the wild Teams

NNIT has a range of good advice and solutions for how to optimize your work using Office 365. A great example is NNIT’s Teams Governance Engine, which provides full control before and after new Teams are set up.

The Teams Governance Engine lets you:

  • ensure the proper ownership and responsibility for Teams and content, for example: always allocating two owners to each Team
  • control guest access, and eliminate outdated invitations and accounts
  • boost awareness among internal users of the correct use of external access
  • gain full overview of the Teams landscape
  • adapt permissions levels to let users work efficiently without creating chaos.


We are ready. Are you?

Have you already rolled out Office 365 in your organization without the necessary focus on security, backups, and data discipline? Do you find your IT supporters spending more time than necessary to manually clean up and reactivate Teams that have become ownerless because someone has left the company? And are costs rising because the amount of data included in your licenses has already been used up? Having a problem finding accidentally deleted files, or worried about what is going to happen in the event of a Ransomware attack?

We are ready to help with advice, recommendations, and practical help if you are already in the process of, or thinking about, switching to Office 365. And if you need a particular solution, such as integrated telephony for your call center, a communications hub, or support for sales teams on the road, we can do that too.

Contact us now, and let us talk about how you can gain complete control over your Office 365.