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Employee Experience

Intelligent Reality – a clever way to empower your employees

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are all technologies that empower your employees by intelligently giving them the information they need, when they need it. This is why we call it Intelligent Reality.

With Intelligent Reality, you can create training on demand, guides on the spot, remotely support employees or customers without any travel, have virtual meetings with people from the other side of the globe, or get production information presented to you while walking on the production floor.

NNIT can help you every step of the way. Starting with our On-Demand service, where we ship a fully licensed and managed device to you, so that you can start exploring the possibilities of Intelligent Reality. We offer support on enterprise integrates and assist you in managing the devices.

Empower your employees using Intelligent Reality tools.


NNIT is an end-to-end solution provider that delivers mixed reality services at enterprise scale. Covering the whole value chain from procurement, configuration, development, and training to support. Highly specialized within the life sciences sector with an understanding of what GxP and SaaS considerations to take into account.
Out-of-the-box mixed reality solutions typically do not consider the challenges of a regulated life sciences industry. Proofs of concept (PoCs) within mixed reality often encounter the challenges of scaling. NNIT can help implement and configure mixed-reality solutions and PoCs in a life sciences or enterprise context.
NNIT’s life sciences DNA and full stack IT capabilities, combined with a specialized and focused mixed reality team, enable your organization to reap the benefits of mixed reality.

Let NNIT become your end-to-end mixed reality partner with the managed services below

On-Demand HoloLens Service
Rent a secure and fully managed HoloLens for testing proofs of concept and pilots. Add advisory services on top to build and present business cases that can be presented to management. Prove the case in a dedicated NNIT demo environment before scaling to an enterprise environment.

Remote Supplier Audit
A license to operate is maintained by audits. With our Remote Supplier Audit, you can audit your suppliers from the comfort of your home office. NNIT delivers a proven and secure setup for audits, including a playbook containing training material, tips and tricks, and how-to videos.

HoloLens Device Management Service

Let NNIT implement and manage your HoloLens as demanded by your enterprise’s requirements, and take into account demands related to qualified infrastructure.

D365 Guides GxP Governance Service
Deploying D365 Guides in your organization requires governance. NNIT have a PowerPlatform Governance service that helps business users and keeps control. NNIT provide best practice for the creation, approval and archiving of D365 Guides in a GxP environment. Including how to link D365 Guides to QMS systems that apply to the different customer QA requirements.


NNIT Mixed Reality Partner Ecosystem.
NNIT has since 2018 worked with establishing a partner ecosystem and was in 2021 promoted by Microsoft to a Silver MRPP Partner, due to outstanding performance within the Mixed Reality space and HoloLens. Partners that can be mention are Virsabi, Microsoft, Holo4Labs, Expert Eye and we continue to look out for more to work with within the Mixed Reality space.