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AI and Machine Learning for Customer Service and Support

A unique NNIT and Supwiz partnership.
Customer Service and Customer Experience are some of the most important elements for successful companies and organizations today.

Today customers demand access to effective and informed support any time they want. The "on-demand" approach of customers will render the days of limited hours of available phone support obsolete.

AI and Machine Learning are essential technologies that will help you address the increased demands and complexity of Customer Service. Using AI and Machine Learning to address inbound customer service requests has many advantages, especially when combined with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating waiting time
  • Consistent service experience
  • AI can resolve standard tickets
  • Assist human service agents resolve complex or advanced tickets
  • Secure needed information is structured and available to service agents, prior to hand over
  • Route customer requests to the right place in your organization


For example, using AI to analyze whether requests have the sufficient information needed to process a request can save vast amounts of time in a service desk function. AI can also be trained to understand natural language, and to generate replies to requests. This helps reduce standard work processes in your organization.

How to get started with AI and Machine Learning?
While getting started with AI can seem complex, the NNIT and SupWiz partnership has developed a clear model for delivering tangible results with limited initial effort. We focus on identifying cases that will help you get started with AI and able to measure the business impact of the project.

It could be analyzing incoming emails to make sure all information needed is available. Or mapping the emails to existing FAQs and service guides, to increase self-service capability of the customers. The opportunities are many, and we help you identify the optimal case to get you started.

AI and Machine Learning has tremendous power to change Customer Service for the better. Let us help you get started to explore the future of Customer

Are you interested in more information about AI? Listen to our podcast about Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence here.

About Supwiz
SupWiz is a fast-growing start-up, delivering cutting edge AI and Machine Learning solutions to help you take customer support and service to the next level. Developed by a brilliant team of Data Scientists, the SupWiz platform has a proven track record for creating business value. We focus on limiting the hype surrounding AI and instead show a real road to using AI and Machine Learning technology to create results.

If you are interested in more information about Supwiz, please contact Søren Dahlgaard, Chief AI Officer at

Do you want the full benefit of AI in your organization?
Getting started with AI is not a standardised process and it can be hard to know where to begin. Book a meeting with NNIT's AI specialists to find out where you intelligently can use AI.