How to rapidly boost your digital transformation

NNIT Accelerator Program

Business development projects often take months or even years before they can deliver on a businesses’ actual needs.

With the help of Microsoft Power Platform, you can react to your changing business needs and new ideas when they occur in real-time. In just a few weeks, you can develop apps that optimize and create value for your business. Enabling your company to innovate quickly and transform digitally.

This guide provides you with important insights into:

  • How digital transformation can enable your business to unleash its potential
  • Three reasons to speed up digital transformation
  • How the NNIT Accelerator Program can help your company create 8 apps in 8 weeks

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Whitepaper Content: 

  • Introduction
  • Digital Transformation is about business survival
  • Top 3 reasons to speed up digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation Accelerator Program
  • Preparation: building the foundation
  • App inspiration
  • The sprint: developing an app in one week
  • What's next



Top 3 reasons to speed up digital transformation

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