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Power Platform is Dynamics 365's answer to "do it yourself"

Often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the thinking behind Dynamics 365's Power Platform, where you can develop the apps and functions that your company needs yourself.

With Dynamics 365's Power Platform, you can easily and simply turbocharge your employees' work processes, making them more streamlined and secure. This shortens time to market and relieves some of the pressure on your IT department.

Safely unleash employees in Power Platform

Sometimes you are looking for an app or a system that can do it all. Other times, you already have most tools, but just need a specialized app to solve a single task in a workflow. The challenge arises when the app must be able to integrate easily and collaborate with your existing solutions – not only to avoid data errors and bottlenecks, but also to ensure that the IT department doesn’t need to spend a lot of time on support. Dynamics 365's Power Platform makes it possible to build exactly the functions your employees need. And they can even do it themselves.

At first thought, the idea of letting employees loose in a "do-it-yourself" app universe might send shivers down the spine of IT departments, immediately conjuring catastrophic visions and associations of Shadow IT. But Power Platform is a no-code, low-code tool that has been specially developed so that employees outside IT departments can use it. With the right Power Platform governance framework, employees' contributions via Power Platform can help free up time in the IT department, which can then instead focus on the IT tasks that advance your business on a large scale.

A strong best of breed solution

Dynamics 365 Power Platform and CRM are based on the same scalable database, so you can combine them in the specific way that offers the greatest value to your business. You can select one or more of the four modules (sales, customer service, marketing, field service) from Dynamics 365 CRM and then build any other apps and features you may need directly in Power Platform.

Maybe instead you only need a few very specific functions from, for example, CRM's customer service module. Rather than purchasing the entire module, you can develop the necessary functions on Power Platform. This way, you can avoid investing in an entire module containing many features your business doesn’t need.

Power Platform combines unique best-of-breed and best-of-suite solutions that not only enable the development of solutions and features, but also open up the possibility for integration with other applications outside of Dynamics 365. This allows you to integrate your Power Platform apps with other applications such as SAP and LotusNotes to achieve significant cross-platform synergies.

NNIT helps you get the right setup

At NNIT and our subsidiary, Scales, we have in-depth knowledge of working with Dynamics 365's Power Platform. This applies not only in relation to the development of apps and functions but also to the integration with other systems and the development of governance frameworks that control employees' use of the platform.

We can therefore give you the advice that ensures that Power Platform becomes a strong cornerstone in your company's IT setup. At the same time, we help ensure that your IT department has free time to focus on the IT tasks that advance development and create value for your business.