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How to succeed with Test Automation

How do you make sure your Dynamics 365 Business Applications continuously perform at the highest level without drowning your organization in system upgrades, service, and repetitive tests?

Regardless of whether you use Dynamics 365 FO, CRM, Power Platform, or a combination of these, a certain level of competence is required to ensure that all parts of your Dynamics 365 setup are running as they should. Additionally, Microsoft introduces eight FO updates and two CRM updates annually that you must assess and implement. A lack of overview, timely updates, and maintenance can cause errors and delays that will hinder your employees in carrying out their key tasks. This can essentially end up harming both your
company’s revenue and your clients’ experience.

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The benefits of test automation

Testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. While carrying out manual testing can seem to have its benefits – including hands-on control of each test – it is extremely time-consuming as well as being a tedious and repetitive task. The time your employees spend on manual testing could instead be used on other business-critical tasks that will evolve and strengthen your business.

So instead of holding on to manual testing, you should turn your focus towards automated testing. With Dynamics 365 you have the benefits of no-code test automation, which means that employees who cannot code or who do not work on IT development can also use the testing tools and set up automated tests.

Test automation provides your business with five major benefits: 

  • It reduces time and cost
  • It increases flexibility and agility
  • It increases efficiency and speed
  • It reduces the risk of manual errors
  • It relieves your employees of repetitive testing and leaves time for explorative testing

Whitepaper Content: 

  • Why is test automation essential?
  • One version
  • Test automation
  • Release management
  • Batch management
  • Support and end user training
  • Dynamics 365 Business Applications
  • What's next?

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