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Better return on ERP investment with big data

Let your systems analyze, interpret and present data so you and your colleagues can make informed business decisions.

The ability to collect, store and present data just for quarterly benchmarks, is yesterday’s trend. Today, data needs to support day-to-day tasks. Data analysis and trends have become a natural part of optimizing the value of the business decisions made by you and your colleagues.

Better business – accessible data

Digital transformation requires intelligent business applications that can be developed, expanded and adapted for all employees and industries.

  • Break down traditional barriers between Big Data analysis and day-to-day business solutions.
  • Empower employees – give them insights into the latest trends in your business value chain.
  • Empower employees – allow them to be proactive and not reactive.
  • Combine silo-stored data for new insights – extend and modify your business processes rapidly.
  • Digitalize your company – make use of advanced solutions based on IoT and Big Data.

An application that makes data do the hard work

Business intelligence used to be something static – a presentation of facts neither revealed important trends nor suggested initiatives resulting from an analysis.

Intelligent business applications, such as the Microsoft Power BI component of Dynamics 365, make it easier for companies to digitalize the business. It integrates the business intelligence of yesterday with the tools and workflows that employees use today.

Make sure individual employees support your KPIs​

When the day-to-day work is supported by Microsoft Power BI, important data shows itself in the ERP system window. This gives employees instant insight into whether their work supports your company KPIs.

The tool sorts vast amounts of data and helps employees to make informed decisions based on direct feedback from this data – this empowers employees and allows them to take proactive action for the benefit of both the customer and the business.

Business operations + Process Insight = Better business operations

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