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Managing security technologies is a complex task. You need combination of both traditional technology operations as well as Detection and Response for critical incidents. You need the flexibility to scale up and down as security need for protection evolves. You need to ensure that the security technologies are configured, managed, tuned and updated correct to gain most out of the investment. And you require a right skilled workforce with the appropriate in-depth technology insight to operate them on a daily basis.

NNIT offers Security Technology Management so you can focus on your core business. NNIT has a skilled workforce that manages security technologies at some of the largest Danish companies with a broad product portfolio from some of the best security partners in the market. 


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Are you prepared to protect your business-critical IT?

The global efforts to control and contain the COVID-19 pandemic is a blunt and brutal reminder of the necessity of solid Business Continuity Management. The widespread quarantine has suddenly made digital workspaces vital and cybercriminals are keen to take advantage. Do you have a plan in place to protect or recover the IT systems that are vital to keep your business running?

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We're a Managed Security Service Provider helping you manage your ​cyber-security strategy, processes, certifications, controls and compliance measures.​

Based on strong partnerships with solution providers, we can build a ​full-scale Cyber Defense Center. We can establish solid identity and ​access management solutions, assess your threat posture in real-time ​and respond to any threat fast.

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New to cybersecurity? Educate yourself on the new digital realities and why cybersecurity awareness is essential to any business today. 

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