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A new threat landscape requires a new approach

In today’s business climate, companies face three security challenges: finding the right level of IT security; managing changing risk scenarios arising from trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and cloud; and combating increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. In addition, rigorous new legislations, such as EU General Data Protection Regulation, continually drives the need for dedicated cybersecurity initiatives.

One of our key focus areas is to identify and secure critical customer data and infrastructure. As both supply chains and intellectual property become digital, the need to protect critical systems and data is imperative to ensure the reputation and continuity of the business.

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Learn how our cybersecurity services can help your business stay compliant, secure, and future-ready.

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  • Introduction: NNIT Cybersecurity
  • Principles: NNIT Cybersecurity Core Principles
  • Security Consulting: Mapping out your route to effective security protection
  • Regulatory Compliance: Staying on top of regulations and industry requirements
  • Application Security: Is your business-critical data secure?
  • Cyber Defense Center: Let NNIT be your first call
  • Cloud Security: Securing your data in the cloud
  • Identity & Access Management: Who has access to your confidential data?
  • Managed Security: Cost-effective management and monitoring of security solutions