A ready-for-inspection SaaS solution ensures fast, secure and cost-efficient ISO 11238 implementation
At NNIT we are dedicated to life sciences and have taken an active part in developing the ISO guidelines for IDMP implementation. We are proud to be represented in the ISO TC215 WG6, the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) Technical Committee on health informatics and the EU SPOR Task Force in participation with the EMA. These partnerships have contributed to the planning and roll-out of IDMP and SPOR MDM in Europe.

This experience has enabled us to design a best-of-breed life sciences solution for ISO 11238, namely the NNIT Substance Registration System (SRS).

NNIT SRS is a further development of the Global Ingredient Archival System (GInAS) and is provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providing fast implementation and instant regulatory compliance. NNIT SRS gives you the power of one substance repository that delivers safe and correct reporting of all substance-related information. It reduces the time and costs of information gathering; and offers ongoing maintenance. On top of that, NNIT experts offer both technical and functional support in relation to your tailored solution, assistance with validation and IDMP consultancy.
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Selecting the right substance registration system for your business requires thorough assessment. This webinar describes the benefits of NNIT SRS and how you can quickly and securely implement the right ISO 11238 solution today.
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