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Transform big data into airborne business intelligence
The possibilities of accessing and collecting different kinds of data are expanding. But accumulating a lot of patient data will not get your company flying. However, analyzing essential data for proactive use will. It is when big data is transformed into real insights, innovation and visionary patient-centric activities, that digital transformation creates results.

With data warehousing and Business Intelligence Systems that offer a holistic view of your data, NNIT helps you gain knowledge and monitor and optimize patient experiences in order to grow your business.

QlickView brings Scandlines in direct touch with its business
A far more detailed insight into the business combined with a completely new set of options to control and target the marketing activities. This is the first result of a Business Intelligence project (BI) where Scandlines, implemented QlickView - as part of the company's digital transformation.

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Business Intelligence – unleash the business potential of data
Are you using your company’s data to create a historical perspective, prepare descriptive analyses, diagnose problems or predict future scenarios? At NNIT we have experience with identifying and implementing use cases and analytics that create real value – for both your company and your clients.

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Managing data and the need for speed
The Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) is the solution for pharmaceutical companies and CRO's to the urgent need to manage clinical data from the protocol to statistical analysis and regulatory submissions. The ICE provides metadata driven management of data based on the CDISC and Company specific standards supported by the full traceablity, audit trail and versioning.
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