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Stay agile with a rock-steady infrastructure
As our digital landscape is changing, agility becomes more and more essential in order to keep up with competitors and meet the needs of customers. But to act agile, you need stability. Only a rock-steady infrastructure will let you succeed in a digital transformation where IT helps deliver results across any business unit.

With infrastructure outsourcing NNIT can help you ensure steadiness and release IT resources. This will allow you to focus on future-proofing your business and paving the way for new and more customer-centric services.

Infrastructure outsourcing
Maintaining an overview of a large, complex IT infrastructure can be hard. NNIT infrastructure outsourcing makes it easy and lets you focus more on the business side of IT knowing that we take care of your infrastructure maintenance and renewal.

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Application outsourcing
NNIT specializes in application outsourcing for businesses. Whether the application platform is SAP, Microsoft, Siebel, Documentum, Oracle, etc., we apply best practices and configure the setup to your business needs. Let us manage your applications so you can focus on your business.

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Outsourcing application maintenance reduces costs and improves application support service levels
The focus on increased efficiency drove the need to reduce the costs of supporting multiple business applications, while improving flexibility, scalability and service levels - Lundbeck decided to outsource applications.

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The ability of being agile and faster time-to-market are important parameters for many organizations in order to increase customer experience and customer satisfaction. NNIT can support you with DevOps that is a cultural and professional movement aimed at unifying development and operation.

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Release your full digital potential with SAP and NNIT
Is your company using SAP and do you want to achieve the full potential of your digital transformation? With a strong local presence, years of experience and great credibility, NNIT can advise on, implement, maintain and support all SAP solutions, including integration for mobility and web shops as well as API management.

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Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
NNIT now offers Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (IaaS) to companies that want to balance high levels of agility, security, and TCO. The NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud consists of both a private and public cloud deployment option to accommodate the business needs of the regulated industries.

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