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TEDx Human Being - Being Human

NNIT was the leading sponsor of the TEDx event: Human Being - Being Human in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. At the event we interviewed two of the speakers.

Jacob Knobel, founded and sold his first techcompany at the age of 28. 2016 winner of Forbes Under 30

We had the opportunity to ask speaker Jacob Knobel a few questions about his talk at TEDx. How is being human at work possible when your colleagues are made with artificial intelligence? What will our society look like when artificial intelligence is everywhere? And what is the potential value?


Bo Hembæk Svensson, IT specialist within blockchain, crypto economy and digital transformation

We had the opportunity to ask speaker Bo Hembæk Svensson a few questions before his talk at TEDx regarding how he sees blockchain impacting our daily lives right now and what will the future bring?




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