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NNIT Expectation Barometer 2018 - Digital Innovation

Is your company geared towards digital innovation?

Dive into best practices of digital innovation – one of the most widely used and coveted terms in business today.

The publication is the result of NNIT's latest survey on digital innovation and draws on the input and experiences of 250 respondents in the first half of 2018.

In this publication we delve into the best practices and experiences of these businesses to uncover, what makes the difference between the Navigators, who have taken digital innovation to heart, and the Base Campers, who are making the preparations for future digital expeditions – but aren't quite there yet.

While the reasons for digital success or failure to execute vary, some constants remain for the successful digital Navigators – organizational support for innovation, innovation is based on customer needs, and a willingness to fail fast.

All that remains is the question – is your company geared towards digital innovation?

Download the white paper

Have you taken your company's innovation pulse?

The Expectation Barometer takes the pulse of digital innovation in Danish and international companies. What differences are there – and where? And what does it require – in strategic, technological and organizational terms – to drive digital innovation to even greater heights?

Try the Expectation Barometer and find out what stage your company is at on the road to digital innovation – and get a personal Benchmark Map. You also get access to an article series about the journey of innovation pioneers towards digital transformation success.  

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