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NNIT Expectation Barometer 2019 - Digital at Scale

Just like schools of fish are far more agile, resistant and fast moving than solitary fish, companies that manage to implement a digital mindset throughout the organization and scale digital initiatives are the ones that prosper. That is why our Expectation Barometer 2019 is all about Digital at Scale. 

Take the test and get: 

  • Your Digital at Scale Score

  • Your Benchmark map

  • 10 Digital at Scale cases from selected CIOs

  • Expectation Barometer report on Digital at Scale insights and trends

Take the test here

Webinar: Digital at Scale

Watch our webinar on Digital at Scale where Brian Troelsen presents the results from the Expectation Barometer 2019. 

Articles on the topic

Region H pushes the boundaries with new technology with Torben Dalgaard, CEO, Centre for IT, Medical Technology and Telephony (CIMT), Danish Capital Region.

There are a great number of benefits in implementing new technology into public sector workflows. But it does require a willingness to explore all the options – especially when the regulatory framework is not yet in place, according to Torben Dalgaard, CEO of the Capital Region of Denmark's almost 1,000-man Centre for It, Medical Technology and Telephony Services. 

Read the article here

Perhaps we will become a software company... with Jonas Dan Jørgensen, CIO, Copenhagen Airports

As CIO of Copenhagen Airports, Jonas Dan Jørgensen oversees the digital wellbeing of a bustling travel hub that is home to 700 different companies and serves 70,000 passengers on an average day. His goal is to have a digital component in every single business element.  

Read the article here 

Customer experience is at the top of the agenda - but are the neccesary conditions actually in place?

Companies will especially use their digital business strategy to create (even) better customer experiences. It is time to make sure the necessary conditions, such as customer journeys, are in place. 

This is revealed in the results of NNIT's Expectation Barometer 2019. Do your customers experience a personal touch and on-demand presence in their contacts with your organization?

Read the article here

Legacy is not an insurmountable barrier to agility

Legacy-IT causes a lot of gray hair and headaches among IT professionals – and at management level in general. In NNIT's Expectations Barometer, which in 2019 focuses on Digital at Scale, more than 36% of respondents highlight legacy as one of the major challenges in relation to the scaling of digital initiatives. 

Read the article here



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