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Corporate Entrepreneurship in NNIT

Corporate entrepreneurship is a mindset, a process and a framework for large companies to launch and manage new ventures internally, and in 2018 NNIT launched a new corporate entrepreneurship initiative named Business Innovation Growth (BIG).

BIG is supplementary to our current innovation process in NNIT and the purpose of BIG is to develop new offerings in NNIT with a faster, dedicated and more agile innovation approach. We select a dedicated team of NNIT employees and give them the opportunity to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of their idea by working as an internal startup for three months. The idea can be developed within NNIT, but we also hope to see co-creation with customers, partners, startups and other businesses. With this new setup we encourage an experimental approach and a high degree of freedom to fail fast and learn – just like a startup.  

During the three months "BIG journey" the team will get support from our staff functions in NNIT such as Technology Office, Marketing, Legal, HR and Finance to ensure the team has the time and attention dedicated to focus on offering development. To give strategic guidance to the team we have established a Growth Board in NNIT. The Growth Board is our internal version of a board of investors and the purpose is to create a single point of accountability for our internal startups and to guide them during their BIG-journey.

The teams are located at our BIG Innovation Area at NNIT which is also open and available to the rest of the organization if other teams need a space for extra creativity. 

First big team.pngOur first BIG team

The need for time-consuming and costly manual data collection in clinical trials is rapidly becoming obsolete. Thanks to the introduction of portable IoT devices –  which can be worn, ingested by or even implanted in patients – life sciences companies can collect real-time data 24/7, with the added benefit of higher patient retention, since this form of data collection is much more patient-centric.

The potential benefits that this technology can provide life sciences organizations is plain to see. But there are plenty of obstacles along the way. At NNIT, a dedicated task force of corporate entrepreneurs is currently working on ensuring that the data can be handled in a compliant and secure manner.  All the way from the IoT device to the infrastructure of the life sciences organization. 



Stefanie Kerstin Krüger Petersen+45 3077 8396skge@nnit.comBusiness Development Consultant Kerstin Krüger Petersen



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