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Digital Transformation & Innovation

Stay ahead and avoid disruption in the process of digital transformation with NNIT as your partner. By releasing the necessary resources and creating an agile IT ecosystem, we help you move smoothly through the stages of change and become a digital butterfly. With the support of security, intelligence, integration and infrastructure, your company can truly soar.

AR, VR and Mixed Reality

Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how Mixed Reality is driving digitalization for frontline workers and how it can impact productivity and quality of service.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship in NNIT

Corporate entrepreneurship is a mindset, a process and a framework for large companies to launch and manage new ventures internally, and in 2018 NNIT launched a new corporate entrepreneurship initiative named Business Innovation Growth (BIG).

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NNIT Expectation Barometer 2018 - Digital Innovation

Is your company geared towards digital innovation? Dive into best practices of digital innovation – one of the most widely used and coveted terms in business today.

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NNIT Expectation Barometer 2019 - Digital at Scale

Just like schools of fish are far more agile, resistant and fast moving than solitary fish, companies that manage to implement a digital mindset throughout the organization and scale digital initiatives are the ones that prosper. That is why our Expectation Barometer 2019 is all about Digital at Scale. You can also watch the webinar on Digital at Scale where Brian Troelsen presents the results from the Expectation Barometer 2019.

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TEDx Human Being - Being Human 

NNIT was the leading sponsor of the TEDx event: Human Being – Being Human in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. At the event we interviewed two of the speakers, Jacob Knobel and Bo Hembæk Svensson about artificial intelligence and blockchain. 

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Webinar: ​Digitalize compliance processes in laboratories and accelerate efficiency ​Digitalize compliance processes in laboratories and accelerate efficiency
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Corporate Entrepreneurship in NNIT Entrepreneurship in NNIT
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TEDx Human Being - Being Human Human Being - Being Human
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