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Infosecurity 2020

30 September & 1 October | Copenhagen, Denmark

Infosecurity 2020

About the conference
Infosecurity Denmark 2020 offers more than 100 seminars and cases, 20 selected keynotes and 80 exhibitors. Two days full of professional knowledge and networking.

The programme covers both compliance, cybercrime, IoT, enterprise mobility and cloud security. You will achieve unique insight into the newest it-security challenges on a high professional level. As a participant you will become updated on the newest technological achievements from the leading scientists, gain insight in the current threat landscape from some of the world's best advisors, and finally you can discuss your user experiences with some of Denmark's best known security brands. 

Presentation: Data is the new gold - but how do you protect it? 
The amount of data is increasing, which means that companies generate, manage and store far more amounts of data than previously. With the increasing amounts of data, the need for data protection increases as well. Esben Kaufmann, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting in NNIT will in this presentation provide his take on how you ensure, that cybersecurity is a natural part of your data journey.


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Article: Security and compliance have gained the attention of top management

Security and compliance rank higher on the list of priorities for top management than previously. The rise in migration towards the cloud has created a more diverse array of threats and, when coupled with the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining focus on security and compliance as a top priority has become imperative for top management.

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