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Whistleblower Function

The NNIT Whistleblower Function

NNIT is committed to detect and prevent financial fraud, business ethics misconduct, security and/or data protection breaches or similar.

Therefore, all employees, management and the board of directors of NNIT as well as others doing business with and/or advising NNIT are encouraged to report suspicious acts or omissions that could harm our company or our employees.

We encourage you to disclose your identity when reporting, but you can choose to be anonymous. To ensure full anonymity it is however necessary to file the report from a private computer that is NOT on NNIT's corporate network. The whistleblower system does not log IP addresses or Machine IDs and does not use cookies. Only the report itself is registered.

How to file a report
You file a whistleblower report through the whistleblower system.

We strongly urge you to report through the whistleblower system and NOT to send reports via e-mail to the person(s) in NNIT's compliance function as the information in the report will not be securely transferred and encrypted and you will not be able to report anonymously.