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Cybersecurity Consulting

Right-sizing your Cybersecurity Strategy for an effective defense

Businesses are faced with serious cybersecurity challenges, and cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. These developments require new ways of thinking in order to achieve effective security protection to avoid financial and reputational damage.

NNIT offers a range of tailored Security Advisory services to help businesses on their journey to achieving effective security protection.


Our Approach

By combining knowledge and expertise from our consulting and security operations activities, NNIT is uniquely placed to offer a range of security advisory services. 

  • We start with an initial security assessment, where we assist you in gaining an understanding of your current threat landscape, pain points, and your desired risk profile.       
  • Following this, we work with you to develop a roadmap for implementation of the identified security initiatives, and we are able to advise and manage across all aspects of the security landscape, including the people, process and technology areas.

We are ready to assist you    

NNIT has a large number of information security specialists ready to assist you. Together we have an enormous range and depth of competencies. We also have our own Cyber Defense Center, and if lightning strikes, we are able to respond and assist you. Fast.   



Esben Kaufmann +45 3075 1613 ESKU@nnit.com Kaufmann



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