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Identity & Access Management

Who has access to your confidential data?

A fundamental part of protecting your data is controlling who has access to what at all times and to ensure the adequate governance on top of it.

Today’s business world is changing fast, and so are your IAM requirements. Maybe you are moving applications into the cloud. Maybe you are rethinking security and access management to includes ”Bring your own device” and other trends. Or maybe you are simply trying to ensure compliance with the newest legal requirements.

As businesses embrace new technology to boost productivity and cut costs, organizations have never been more vulnerable to security related threats. Managing user identities and accesses has never been more important and challenging.

NNIT can support you in the journey to establish the policies, processes and the right IAM system, that will help you safely administrate and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets in the future.

A journey towards Identity Governance & Administration

IGA, IAM, IAG… The list of acronyms covering the field of Identity is long but the concept behind the letters is profound and it is what lets businesses operate in both a smooth and secure manner.

Identity Governance & Administration allows on-boarding and off-boarding of access for employees, contractors as well as partners efficiently. It is the information security and business discipline, which ensures that the right people access the right resources at the right time - and for the right reasons. IGA systems is to reduce IT risk and help organizations meet compliance requirements such as GDPR, ISO2700x and SarBox.

The field of Identity is vast and getting started with Identity Governance & Administration can indeed be a daunting task. However, with the appropriate approach to IGA, you can with a few steps be well on your way on your journey towards Identity Governance Administration.

Before you embark on your journey, consider the following questions:

• How do you secure access to on-premises and cloud applications today?
• How are you addressing governance requirements today?
• Where does identity and access management fit into your cybersecurity strategy?
• Do you know who has access to your critical data?

This will set the foundation for your journey. We have then chosen to call the first step on the journey “Get Insight” – because that is what really matters – getting insight into your organization so that you can take control. The following steps can then be taken according to your organizations needs and maturity. 



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