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Security Awareness

Employees are your first line of defense

Cybersecurity leaks frequently start with the organization’s weakest link; its employees. Seemingly innocent actions such as use of non-company approved USB sticks, clicks on links or attachments in malicious e-mails, or connecting to public Wi-Fi networks can all compromise security.

However, with proper education and training, your employees can become your organization’s strongest line of defense.

Security awareness is essential to creating a long-lasting culture of security, where employees not only understand, but also act in accordance with good security practices – and t ake the right defensive actions against threats. Security-conscious behavior must be a natural and integrated part of the working day to obtain a secure organization.

At NNIT, we believe that correct employee behavior is vital for the success of security initiatives and we have a great deal of experience in supporting clients to build strong first lines of defense through activities such as stakeholder engagement, training courses, simulated phishing exercises, e-learning, and a steady stream of awareness messaging.




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